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The history

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Beta company was born in 1992 as a constructor of deadening cabins and filters for different kinds of dust. The owner, Gobbi Osvaldo side by side his children and his wife, designed a deadening cabin for burring machines with a combined filter, for manual burring of cast iron and aluminium fusions etc.

The company took part in foundry specialized exhibitions and it obtained their maximum agreements. In meantime it continued deadening activity in the pressing field of metal trinklets with machines which have several types of processing technique.

In 1995 burring activity of cast iron and aluminium started, building up the only burring machine in Italy which pays attention the security of job stations.

Our production cycle is: sand-blasting, burring, sand-blasting again, varnishing test and product packaging.

The men

Actually the company has 20 employees who form the central plank of the success of Beta S.a.s. because they are specialized and do their job in the best way feeling at home.


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