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Deadening cabins


Our cabins offer protection to the surrounding place from risks of noise and splints or burrs which could cause damages to persons or equipment.
Equipped with security systems complying with the regulations in force, this cabin has been specially designed for one single operator; in good maintenance coditions it can supply a sound dampening of about 25 dB (A).
The cabin has a structure made of panels. These are 60 mm thick and are made of an external, pressure bent sheet metal, antivibrating material, deadening and dampening material and containing micro-holed sheet metal.The objects are inserted into the cabin through a pneumatically controlled door with a partial opening of the ceiling and they are placed on the workingbench supplied. Inside the cabin an electric control panel for the powering of drives and emergency systems, as well as any required accesory are provided.

Specifications of the cabin


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