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The cartridge filter is made of pressure bent sheet metal, reinforced with welded metal profiles.
Inside the filter, 32 non-woven fabric cartridges, 140x1200, are housed. The total filtering surface is equal to 138m.
The cartridges are back-washed with compressed air, which is dry and separated from oil, usually at 5 bar pressure, according to programmable cycles and timing through the electronic sequencer which controls the opening and closing, by fractions of second, of special pneumatic valves. The cleaning is carried out with both suction system stopped (after cleaning), and the system activated in order to keep the cartridges always in good conditions thanks to the air pressure blown inside them by the "Venturi" type ejectors. Dusts and scales are collected in 2 containers equipped with quick attachments mounted under the hoppers. The filter is provided with inspection door for maintenance purposes.

Specifications of the filter


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